The Royal Announcement

From the moment my husband and I took over NOLA Pixie Dust, we have hit the ground running (literally) with ideas on how to bring new family friendly events to our hometown.  In January while training for an upcoming 1/2 marathon, the idea was sparked while making our laps at Lasalle Park to have our new princess business host a local 5K.  At the inspiration of my little cousin that was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes before her 2nd birthday, we knew we wanted to do something in honor of her and chose the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to be the beneficiary of our 5K.

What did we know about hosting a 5K though, absolutely nothing!  We quickly started making phone calls and doing our research to get the ball rolling.  Selecting an event date, location, and finally a company to handle the “logistics” of what it takes to host a successful 5K.  Success!  We were going to be able to take our simple idea while training and turn it into an actual event.

Now the real fun begins!  Contacting donors, sponsors, & volunteers to make this vision a reality.  We are blessed to already have so many supporters and appreciate anyone else that wants to get involved.  If you or anyone you know would like to get involved with the Princess for a Day 5K please contact us for more info! (504.457.1608 –

The time had finally come to announce the race day and open registration.  We couldn’t think of a better place to make the royal announcement than the place of inspiration and the place we will be hosting this royal 5K in just 6 months.  WATCH THE ROYAL ANNOUNCEMENT HERE

The NOLA Pixie Dust Princesses are so excited for our upcoming event and are ready to create a magical experience for all of the participants!  I hope our story has inspired you to chase your dreams!  No matter the size of the dream, if you believe in it you can make it happen!  What are you waiting for?  Grab your running shoes, pick out the perfect race costume, and get ready to run like royalty!

Sending Faith, Trust & NOLA Pixie Dust,




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